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Website Accessibility Statement & Reporting accessibility problems with this website

NYOS is committed to improving the accessibility of this website. We are currently working on ensuring that the information on this site is easy to find and accessible to all users.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (known as WCAG 2.2) are an internationally recognised set of recommendations for improving web accessibility.

They explain how to make digital services, websites and apps accessible to everyone, including users with impairments to their:

•vision – for example, severely sight impaired (blind), sight impaired (partially sighted) or colour blind people

•hearing – for example, people who are deaf or hard of hearing

•mobility – for example, those who find it difficult to use a mouse or keyboard

•thinking and understanding – for example, people with dyslexia, autism or learning difficulties


Here at NYOS we have identified that some parts of this website are not fully accessible, for example:

  • the text will not reflow in a single column when you change the size of the browser window
  • you cannot modify the line height or spacing of text
  • most older PDF documents are not fully accessible to screen reader software
  • you cannot skip to the main content when using a screen reader

We are currently working with our Website designers and representative [young people] from NYOS young people forum to improve our site to overcome the issues identified.  Over the next few months you will see changes made to the site and an improvement in the accessibility.


Feedback and contact information

If you wish to offer any suggestions or highlight any areas for improvement or you need information on this website in a different format such as, accessible PDF, large print, easy read, audio recording or braille, please contact us on

We’ll consider your request and get back to you in 5 working days.