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Welcome to the NYOS website!

Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service makes an innovative, constructive and highly successful contribution to the Youth Justice System in the county, and I am delighted to be introducing our latest innovations and practice.  This website is particularly for children and young people; their parents and carers and for victims of crime committed by young people.  It may also be of interest to members of the wider community and people who work within the Justice System (paid and unpaid).

NYOS provides robust assessment and intervention with children and young people who offend, taking account of the views of victims and involving them wherever possible.  Although our main aim is to prevent offending, Restorative Justice is at the heart of what we do and we want to help put things right wherever we can.

NYOS aims to be a provider of excellent services and a part of the community that we serve.  We are involved in a range of external partnerships, the details of which are on these pages.  There are a number of different ways for adults and young people to get involved in our work, and there is information on the ‘Join Us’ page.


Claire O'Keeffe

Head of Service


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6th September 2021

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3rd June 2020

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3rd May 2020

What is a YOS?

Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service is a multi-agency organisation working in partnership with:

Northamptonshire Children’s Trust

North Northamptonshire Council

West Northamptonshire Council

Northamptonshire Police

Northampton Youth Bench (Magistrates)

Northamptonshire Health Foundation Trust

Public Health Northamptonshire (North and West)

Northamptonshire Probation


We also have partnerships with Voluntary Sector Agencies


It is our job to work with the Police and Courts to ensure that steps are taken to help young people accused of breaking the law keep out of trouble in the future.

We will look at lifestyle, mental and physical health, family relationships and attitude of each young person and can identify factors that could cause young people to offend and then put in place support to prevent these factors.


Examples of work the YOS carries out with young people includes:


  • Increasing awareness of their behaviour
  • Emotional awareness and thinking skills
  • Victim awareness
  • Peer pressure
  • Gang awareness
  • Education, training and employment
  • Drug and alcohol awareness

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